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What are ear candle treatments good for?

Ear candling is a re-discovered ancient therapy primarily helping to ease ear and sinus problems. It is a warm and relaxing therapy and each treatment lasts an hour (a child treatment lasts 30 minutes). There are several theories as to the mechanics of how ear candling works, but there is enough anecdotal evidence to support it helping with problems of;

  • Sinus congestion
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Excessive wax production
  • Snoring
  • Tinnitus
  • Pressure regulation (good for frequent flyers and divers)

  • What does the treatment involve?

    The Ear Candle treatment involves you lying comfortable on your side on the therapy couch, whilst I gently place one end of the hollow candle in the exposed ear and light it. The smoke enters the ear and creates a warm feeling. It is not hot inside the ear, and is very safe. Often people find it very relaxing and drift off during the treatment. I have found over the 16 years I have been practicing (and also from attending many workshops and conferences) that it is most effective to use 4 candles per treatment - this is why my treatments last an hour. I usually will burn 2 candles in each ear, except if the person has more of a problem in one ear, then I usually will burn 3 candles in the problem ear and 1 in the other ear. So be prepared to be lying on one side for up to 45 minutes. My couch is very padded and comfortable and a warm blanket will be placed over you.

    'I always have an ear candle treatment when I've had a cold or been ill as my ears are often left feeling off-balance and full of moisture. After one or two treatments they are back to normal again, and it is surprisingly restful too.' - E.R.Redgrave

    Ear Candles. my ear candling

    How many treatments will be needed?

    Some people just like a treatment periodically because it feels nice and they say it helps them 'feel clearer.' However, if you are hoping ear candling to help with a specific problem then it is often necessary to have more than one candling treatment. I appreciate this may be a cost and so if money is a problem the ear candles are available to purchase. You may like to bring someone with you to observe me doing the treatment so they are comfortable doing it at home. I DO NOT recommend using these candles on yourself as they burn with a bright flame and are not the same as some other ones that are available to buy which only smoulder.


  • Adult treatment (60 minutes) £30
  • Child treatment (30 minutes) £16

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    Ear Candle Instructional video from Harmony Cone

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