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Therapeutic Massage. back massage

What is Swedish/ Therapeutic massage good for?

Swedish massage is so called because it was a Swedish man who first introduced massage to England originally. Therapeutic means 'causing someone to feel happier and more relaxed or to be more healthy.' The health benefits of massage are numerous and well documented and it's endorphin releasing quality makes it a perfect feel-good therapy.

Physically on the muscles massage improves tone, removes lactic acid, relaxes tense fibres, promotes tissue repair and helps them work at maximum efficiency. It helps ease painful joints and keeps them more supple and mobile. For the skin it improves circulation therefore increasing nutrients to it and improving cell regeneration. Skin is left smoother with an improved tone and colour.

Emotionally massage can have an enormous effect too. The experience of being nourished and cared for and allowing a 'Healing' touch raises self-esteem, creates trust and openness and can sometimes facilitate the release of blocked emotions as tense muscles relax.

'This was my first massage experience and I was extremely nervous but Lara made me feel welcome and at ease with her gentle and caring manner.' - K.S. Occold

Therapeutic Massage. neck massage

What does it involve?

First I will ask some questions about your health and what the problem areas are. This part of the treatment is not charged for - you will still get the time you booked in for actually being massaged! Then I usually leave the room to let the person undress in private and get onto the couch, covering themselves with a towel. You will always be covered and warm, with only the part of the body being massaged exposed. If an essential oil blend is to be used I shall blend it at this point and then proceed with the treatment. I ask for feedback at points during the massage to make sure you are warm enough, comfortable and that the pressure of the massage is good for you. I welcome feedback as this is the only way I get to know each individual and how they like their massage. Some people like to talk as it is the way they relax, however I encourage relaxation and am always happy to see my client 'drift off' and enter deep relaxation. After the treatment I leave the room for you to change.

Can I have a Swedish massage with Aromatherapy oils?

YES! My style of massage is a fusion between the two. Traditionally aromatherapy massage is a gentle massage simply to get the essential oils onto the skin. However most people prefer a deeper massage than this and since I am trained in Therapeutic, Sports and Aromatherapy massage techniques I tailor the treatment to suit the client - or even their mood on that day. You are free to have an essential oil blend - or not - whatever you wish. There is no extra charge for having the oils, the massage price stays the same.

You may choose the full body treatment for optimum health effects and total relaxation; or you may have areas you would like me to concentrate on. Cyclists often simply want a good leg massage after a long cycle ride or you may just like a back and neck treatment. I am able to do a deep tissue massage for those that need it, or a lighter massage if a more gentle and deeply relaxing effect is desired.



Swedish/ Therapeutic Massage

  • 30 minutes £18
  • 45 minutes £25
  • 60 minutes £32
  • 75 minutes £39
  • 90 minutes £46

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    Therapeutic Massage. sea massage

    Indian Head Massage - what is this?

    Indian Head Massage was brought to the West by a man called Narendra Mehta in the 1970s. As a therapist he saw that in the West the neck and head were not getting the attention that they deserved within massage practice. In India, families massage each other as part of daily life. Women have their heads massaged to keep their hair in lustrous condition and on the street you can find people practicing head massage for passers by. In India it is called 'champissage' and it became 'Indian Head Massage' when it was imported over here. I was very fortunate to have trained with Narendra Mehta in 2007, I feel very blessed indeed. It is a seated massage through clothes, so no need to take anything off (except your overcoat of course!). I do not use oil for this massage (clothes would get oily) and it concentrates on the upper back, shoulders, neck and head. Also some facial work if jaw tension is a problem.


  • Indian Head Massage (30 minutes) £18

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