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What is Foot Reflexology?

Foot reflexology is a type of massage of the feet. The feet have many 'reflex points' which are areas that correspond to the rest of the body. This means that the feet are like a map of the body. By applying certain pressure and massage movements to the feet, an effect can be created on the corresponding part of the body. For example applying pressure to the big toe can ease a headache. A Foot Reflexology treatment lasts about 50 minutes. As an aromatherapist I can also blend an essential oil mix to add to the foot cream I use. Many clients feel this adds another dimension to the treatment. An example is the use of Lavender oil if the client was suffering from insomnia.

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What can reflexology help with?

Firstly, reflexology is deeply relaxing and stress busting. It aids all areas of the body that are busy holding onto tension to release and let go. Therefore, once this tension is released people report having much more energy and 'zing' in their lives. In a reflexology session all areas of the body will be worked on via the feet and the way it works is by kick starting the bodies own healing response. In this way it promotes health and wellbeing by aiding the body to heal itself. People report many health benefits from reflexology and the problems that my clients have found it helped with range from pre-menstrual tension to frozen shoulders. A few problems some of my clients have had relief from through reflexology are;

Frozen shoulder * Neuropathy * M.E. * Adrenal fatigue * Stress * PMT * IBS * Palliative care

'Reflexology has helped me tremendously. I first started going to see Lara when I was having a lot of trouble pre-menstrually with my moods and energy levels. I had the first 4 appointments weekly then monthly and results were very quick. Best thing I ever did. Also a fab thing for some time out, a real treat.' - P.P. Hoxne

How many treatments will I need?

Reflexology is deeply relaxing and many people simply come monthly or as they need to help them relax. It also promotes a healthy immune system so a monthly treatment can really keep those colds and viruses at bay during the winter months. The frequency of treatment is totally up to the individual; you may just want to try it once to see what it us like! However, if there is a particular health problem that you want to address weekly treatments are recommended for 6 weeks followed by a monthly maintenance treatment. These weekly reflexology treatments kick start the healing process. Reflexology is not a 'cure' as such for health issues but it helps the body heal itself.


  • Reflexology (50 minutes) £30
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